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Teaching and Learning Styles

Teaching and Learning Styles

Answering the Basics for Homeschool Success
Win & Bill Sweet

Books: The Difference Between Library and School Editions
John Taylor Gatto

Discover Your Child's Learning Style
Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis & Victoria Kindle Hodson

How to Achieve Homeschool Success
Rebecca Kochenderfer

A Recovery Program for Homeschool Split Personality Disorder
Diane Flynn Keith

Trusting Your Childrens' Curriculum Choices
Diane Flynn Keith

Homeschooling Children with Learning Differences
Delaine Noyer

Alternatives for Homeschooling Teens: Self-Direction, Engagement, and Success
Wes Beach

To Homeschool Or Not To Homeschool - Now THAT Is A Question
Chris Bradshaw

Classical Education on Reading, Writing, Grammar and Phonics
Jessie Weiss and Susan Weiss Bauer