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The Benefits of Acting and Performing and How To Break Into this Kid Biz

The Benefits of Acting and Performing and How To Break Into this Kid Biz

By Judy Berlin, Founder of Kids On Camera

Over the last 20+ years that I've been in business, not a day has gone by when I haven't had a well-meaning parent ask me how to get their kids into show biz. Indeed, it's a fun adventure that can prove to be quite lucrative, even if your own child isn't airing in a family sitcom once a week.

My television and film school helps parents get their children into TV commercials, voiceovers, modeling, and communication professions. While they're doing this "fun stuff," they're also learning the foundational benefits of the study of acting and performing, how to break into the business, and what to expect when you are in the business.

There's more to acting than knowing where "stage left" is
But I think the study of acting goes several steps further in a child's life and development. When children are regularly involved in acting and the study of acting, they're building a presence about themselves. They are acquiring leadership, presentation and communication skills that will serve them throughout their lives. And, acting and performance helps all types of kids, no matter what their personal style. Shy youngsters are given the opportunity to open up and feel more positive! Gifted children find an outlet for their creativity and energy!

Through acting, students learn to create their own success by letting go of fear and releasing their natural self-expression. Students gain confidence, learn to think on their feet, expand creativity, improve social skills, and become more comfortable with handling new situations and transitions in their lives.

The study of acting offers countless opportunities for acting - and life
In addition to teaching every facet of acting, we teach:

  • Comedy and improv to help students instantly create a character, expand their vocabulary, solve problems creatively and even defuse situations
  • "Cold script reading" and audition skills, which teach youngsters how to pick up a script, analyze it quickly and perform it on camera with confidence. We walk them through interview processes, and help them practice answering tough interview questions. Imagine their ability on any job front once they've been able to master these first-impression skills!
  • Voiceover classes wherein our students learn microphone and timing skills and voice modulation and word emphasis with scenes, narrations, industrial film scripts and character voices. Meanwhile, they're learning how to take direction, change direction quickly, and make strong choices of their own in same quick manner.

Learn more about acting and our own school and classes offered through our website, actual on-site tours of our school, and through virtual conferences that offer advice and expertise in helping you make decisions in this arena!

Homeschoolers! For more information on where to get free plays, skits, dramatic readings and theater activities visit: A to Z Home's Cool.