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The Homeschool Glossary
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A Directory of Homeschool Terminology
for the Totally Confused

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Waldorf Education
A method of learning based on the teachings of Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner. Steiner was asked to develop a school for the children of workers at the Waldorf-Astoria Cigarette Factory. He believed children experience three distinct developmental stages and that learning should be tailored to the stages. In Waldorf Schools traditional academics are delayed until at least age 7. Subjects are introduced creatively through stories, art, and music. Some homeschoolers use a Waldorf-inspired method of education at home. For more info:

  • Live Education -- A Waldorf curriculum provider for grades K-8, with individual subject books for high school.
  • Oak Meadow -- A Waldorf-inspired K-12 curriculum. Download free samples of the curriculum in all grade levels at the website.
  • Open Waldorf -- Get the pros and cons of Waldorf education and the Steiner philosophy. Tries to provide a measured view and myriad resources.
  • Ruldoph Steiner College & Bookstore
  • Waldorf Homeschoolers -- Lots of information and resources for Waldorf home educators.
  • Waldorf in the Home -- Rahima Baldwin Dancy produces Waldorf In The Home conferences addressing the needs of homeschoolers who use Waldorf education.
  • Waldorf Without Walls -- Provides info, resources, e-newsletter and private consultation with Barbara Dewey for homeschoolers using Waldorf method.

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