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Inventing a Girl: An Experience in Homeschooling
A Documentary by Fernanda Rossi

"Inventing A Girl" is a charming depiction of the life of a mostly unschooled girl. For those of you who do "follow the child" it is affirming to watch the film. It will also help relatives and friends to understand this educational lifestyle. In addition it gives those who know little about the homeschooling movement a broader view of what homeschooling means and encompasses. I think the film would be a very worthwhile purchase for support groups -- as it could be viewed at a monthly meeting or be loaned out to new members seeking information about homeschooling. It would be a great addition to Home Study or Independent Study libraries and resource centers as well.

"A charming and honest film... a must see for parents and educators."
John Taylor Gatto. Writer, "Dumbing us Down."

After spending two years living with the Borensteins, an American homeschooling family, acclaimed filmmaker Fernanda Rossi engages the most skeptical audiences with an entertaining and original film.

Told from the perspective of a funny and inquisitive nine-year old, this groundbreaking documentary asks -and answers- 20 essential questions about homeschooling: How do you learn? Can you go to college? Do you take any classes?

Inventing a Girl is the first documentary on homeschooling ideal for:

  • Homeschoolers curious to learn about the experiences of other homeschooled kids. And their in-laws and neighbors who are still asking "How are those kids being socialized?"
  • Parents considering alternative education.
  • Teachers and administrators who want to fully understand what homeschooling is.
  • Schools and homeschooling organizations as a reference tool.
"I loudly applaud Ms. Rossi's efforts to share this unique approach to living and learning, to bring new understanding about homeschooling to a wider audience."
Helen Heneger. Editor "Home Education Magazine"

-- $24.95 for individuals
-- --
--$69.99 for schools and organizations (includes exhibition and lending rights

To buy a tape or watch a trailer visit: www.inventingagirl.com

* WARNING: Using a personal tape for anything other than private home viewing is an infringement of the Federal Law of Copyright. If you are a school or organization please purchase a "School and Organizations Tape" that will authorize you to limited exhibition and lending. Your honesty is greatly appreciated.