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San Joaquin County Homeschool Support Group & Private PSP or ISP Directory

San Joaquin County Homeschool Support Groups & PSP's

The most important thing for homeschool success is to surround yourself with like-minded people who share information and resources, answer your questions, and ease your concerns. Your local Homeschool Support Group is where you can get connected with other homeschooling families. To find a Homeschool Support Group near you, simply click on the county where you reside from the list below.


This directory is divided into two sections. The first section lists Homeschool Support Groups, and the second section lists Private School Satellite Programs or PSPs (formerly called "ISPs").

What's the difference?

In general, Homeschool Support Groups are gatherings of homeschool families who get together for park days and may also organize some field trips and co-op classes. (Some of these groups require a small membership fee, most do not.)

PSPs are small private schools. Homeschool families enroll (paying a tuition fee) to receive administrative support; such as record keeping, transcripts and testing.

We provide listings for Support Groups for free. We charge a small fee to list PSPs.

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Your Homeschool Support Group

San Joaquin County Directory
of Homeschool Support Groups

  • Educating By His Grace - We are a Private Christian Homeschool Support Group. We serve San Joaquin and surrounding areas. We have lots of different activities. We will help families get started in homeschooling. We have children from infant to high school. We would love to come along side you to raise up our children for the Lord. Contact information: Email Mandy Avila or call (408) 605-0261.

  • Filipino Homeschoolers in California - We are a group of Christian Filipino elementary homeschoolers who meet for park days, co-op classes, field trips and play dates. We welcome elementary age homeschoolers and their siblings. Contact information: Email Maria A..

  • Lambpen Homeschool Ministries - Veteran Christian homeschooling mom since 1992 will help families get started homeschooling, find local support, and be encouraged. Free curriculum counseling and informational classes. Contact information: Email JulieBeth Lamb or call (209) 247-4671.

  • Manteca Homeschool - A network of Manteca area homeschoolers. Feel free to plan a field trip, co-op, park day, workshop or mom's day out and use this site as a place to get the word out and connect with other homeschoolers in Manteca. We are inclusive of private and charter school homeschoolers. Residents of surrounding areas are also invited to join.

  • San Joaquin Co. Homeschool Play Group - Play group for homeschooling families. Not religious based. All are welcome. Park day once a week. Come and share while kids make new friends. All types of homeschoolers accepted. Come and share, vent, offer or give support to other homeschoolers. Field trips will also be planned! Contact information: Email Josefina Gardea or call (209) 688-8246.

  • San Joaquin Homeschoolers - a secular support group that welcomes families of all religions, political ideas, cultures, lifestyles, etc. We include and support each other's choice and practice of all styles of homeschooling: unschooling, charter school, R-4, school at home, etc. We trust that each family knows what is best for themselves at any given time. We host semi-monthly parkdays in the Stockton/Lodi/Manteca area and encourage members to create group events as desired and inspired. Contact information: Email Annette MacKay.

  • Tracy Area Homeschool Playate Group - We welcome families of ALL different backgrounds and styles of homeschooling. This group is to support parents and children in their growth and education while creating lifelong friendships. We look forward to many fun adventures with you! Contact information: Email Yolanda Magana or call (925) 413-6487.

  • Tracy Homeschoolers - All-inclusive group for homeschoolers in Tracy, California and nearby areas. This group is designed to allow us to meet each other, discuss any ideas, inspirations, successes, or concerns we may have as we homeschool our children. We meet every Thursday, from - PM, at Lincoln Park in Tracy near the Library. Contact information: Email Carolyn Navarra or call (209) 629-0121.

  • Tracy Mountatn House Home Education Network - A wonderful group of families who work together to provide a wide array of educational opportunities, group outings, park days and other get-togethers for the benefit of our children. We are organized on Meetup.com which is a fantastic means of posting events, RSVPing, communicating with other members, and getting involved. We are comprised primarily of families from Tracy and Mountain House, but welcome all surrounding areas as well. Contact information: Email Sue Hickok or call (209) 629-3706.

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Your Private School Satellite Program (PSP)

San Joaquin County Directory
of Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)

Do you have a Private School Satellite Program? You can have it listed here as a resource for homeschool parents. Just submit your listing (and the small fee) per the instructions. We look forward to telling homeschool parents about your school.

At this time there are no listings for San Joaquin County.

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Your Businesses & Services

San Joaquin County Directory
of Businesses & Services

Do you have a Business or Service? You can have it listed here as a resource for homeschool parents. Just submit your listing (and the small fee) per the instructions. We look forward to telling homeschool parents about your products and/or services.

At this time there are no listings for San Joaquin County.

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